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HEROES In motion #0

This comic is part of the "CO-MIXER" project, issue5

Andrey kamenov hero 000 inmotion 01

1. Timi, where are you going? 2. I won't be long, Mom. 3. Rando THE HEVY HAND. We love you!!! Rando, Rando...Rando! 4. Woow... that's a sword!!! 5. 'blink - blink'

Andrey kamenov hero 000 inmotion 02

'About 10 years later...' "HERO ACADEMY" Finally!!! Now all that's left is for me to buy a Sword! 2. Let's see now... 3. 'Four hours later.' 4. 'Another four hours later.' That's it, I give up. 5. "SECOND-HAND WEAPONS we don't accept complaints!" 6. The

Andrey kamenov hero 000 inmotion 03

1. I'm looking for a sword, grandpa. One fit for a hero! Ah, you're in luck then, lad... 2. I have just the thing for you! 3. This... 4. Woooow!!! That's... the sword of Rando THE HEVY HAND. I sell it cheaply. I'll take it!!! 5. 'he - he - he'

Andrey kamenov hero 000 inmotion 04

It's getting dark. I'll make a camp. 2. Hey a campfire? What...You can talk? Well sure! It's me Rando THE HEVY HAND.I was trapped into this sword by the wizard Thunderdark. Wooow... Thank you for getting me out of that junk shop!