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HEROES princess in distress #1

This comic is part of the "CO-MIXER" project, issue8

Andrey kamenov pid page 01

1. "HUGE REWARD!!! Kidnapped princess "What's on your mind, Rando? Hm!!! 2. Well, boy, it says hug

Andrey kamenov pid page 02

5. Boy! Something's happening in the cave over there! Who do you think I am!

Andrey kamenov pid page 03

1. Hurry up, boy! Come here right now!! 2. What the ... is going on? 3. I demand your attention... 4. How many times should I repeat myself? 5.Ammm... Excuse me... And I'm very hungry as well!

Andrey kamenov pid page 04

1. What'cha want? Hey YOU knighty, can't you see I'm speaking here? 2. Oh, wait a minute! Are ya here for the lass? Well...yeah... 4. Well knighty? Why are you staring at me? I'm still hungry... Ah?